Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Holiday stress already!

Just when I was safely relaxing in the knowledge that we were staying home for Thanksgiving the phone rang. My brother-in-law just wanted to let us know that the big turkey day at their house with all the relatives is on again. "Great" my husband says as I frantically start making phone calls to the kids and looking for air fares. One already gave up her days off, the other can't get out until Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Fares are enough to make me mortgage the house or give up the summer vacation we were planning. I suppose I could put off retirement another year.

Of course, my husband says, "we don't have to go". Right. His elderly parents are flying out for maybe the last holiday together. How much of a heel would I be to say I'd rather stay home? GRRR. Breathe deeply, let go and repeat the mantra, "I love our family , I love our family, I love our family".

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