Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Protecting your brain

For those who may have missed Blue on Facebook, I give you the foil brain protector! His quirky mom, my daughter-in-law, thought he needed to model her creation. I understand he was less than happy about the hat, but loved getting his picture taken :-)

I will be seeing him again soon as I head back to the Midwest for a family/knitting vacation. Every time I get ready to go I swear I don't have time and every time I'm glad I took the break. Meetings occur endlessly but family time is to be treasured.

Had a great weekend with my daughter and her boyfriend last weekend. They came up for Guitar Guy's gig at the Piss on the River Poker Run party, held at the Eagles Lodge. We were among the few not in bandanas and leather but no one seemed to hold that against us. The rest of the weekend we talked, watched movies, cheered for the Coyotes and ate lots of good food. I totally ignored my Weight Watcher's points and the scale showed it this week :-( Now to get back on track while traveling.

I'm half way through the foot of Guitar Guy's second sock so it will get done. Movie watching time on Sunday really helped it along. I'll have to pick out something to take with me to Iowa with a little more color.

Back to work now so I can finish up my chores before Friday AM!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Laziness

Spent the morning teaching a caregiving class so now is the time to kick back and enjoy the weekend. What shall I do? Read? Knit? Watch movies? All 3 at once? I'd love to say I'm taking a hike in the desert or something healthy like that but being slothful is more my thing.

Still working away on Guitar Guy's socks. Does gray take forever or is it just me? Craving color but need to keep forging ahead. I should get them done just about in time for the weather to heat up and then he won't need them until November! The joys of knitting wool in Arizona.

I'm debating on my next project. I might start a sweater for Rowan or just browse through my patterns for some something fun and different. Is there such a thing as a knitting slump? I think I'm in it and need to get re-energized.

Guitar Guy had a gig tonight but I opted to stay home and veg. Caught up on the last two episodes of Supernatural and the first new episode of Glee. We only have one satellite box so when sports are on I miss my shows. Thank goodness for and ITunes for those television emergencies.

Tomorrow night we are going out to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary (actually on Monday). Considering that my parents were convinced our marriage wouldn't last, I think we've done pretty well. I can't say it has all been perfect, no relationship is, but after 30 years I think I'll keep him. After all, breaking in a new model would be tough :-)

Now back to my regularly scheduled sock. . .

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catch up

Thought I'd have one last cup of coffee and catch up on my blogging before I head out to run errands. I can't believe we are in April already, especially since I leave again the 30th to head back to Iowa! Combine that with my daughter's nursing school pinning/graduation part in mid-May and I'm basically gone for 3 weeks again. Shhhh - don't tell the cats.

Speaking of cats, it has now been decided that Icey has developed a chronic bladder infection to go with her gallstones. We are trying antibiotic shots every two weeks, hoping that will decrease her vomiting and improve how she feels. If it works, she'll have to stay on them indefinitely to the tune of $58 per shot! This getting old stuff isn't easy for cats either.

Had a great weekend in Phoenix with my daughter and her boyfriend. I even tried sushi for the first time. I must be getting more daring as I age :-) The hockey game was great (especially since Phoenix won) and then we went out for beer and appetizers at Gordon Biersch. They have the most amazing garlic fries. Obviously I wasn't counting Weight Watchers points that night!

Now its time to get caught up on Supernatural since I missed it Thursday night. Angsty veal, here I come.