Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Protecting your brain

For those who may have missed Blue on Facebook, I give you the foil brain protector! His quirky mom, my daughter-in-law, thought he needed to model her creation. I understand he was less than happy about the hat, but loved getting his picture taken :-)

I will be seeing him again soon as I head back to the Midwest for a family/knitting vacation. Every time I get ready to go I swear I don't have time and every time I'm glad I took the break. Meetings occur endlessly but family time is to be treasured.

Had a great weekend with my daughter and her boyfriend last weekend. They came up for Guitar Guy's gig at the Piss on the River Poker Run party, held at the Eagles Lodge. We were among the few not in bandanas and leather but no one seemed to hold that against us. The rest of the weekend we talked, watched movies, cheered for the Coyotes and ate lots of good food. I totally ignored my Weight Watcher's points and the scale showed it this week :-( Now to get back on track while traveling.

I'm half way through the foot of Guitar Guy's second sock so it will get done. Movie watching time on Sunday really helped it along. I'll have to pick out something to take with me to Iowa with a little more color.

Back to work now so I can finish up my chores before Friday AM!


Roxie said...

What a GOOD dog!

And yes, go to that family knitting thing. No one has ever, at the end of their life, said, "Gee, I wish I'd passed up that family occasion and gone to a few more meetings." It's YOUR time! Invest in long-term happiness.

KnitTech said...

I never realized dogs need tinfoil hats also.

Donna Lee said...

I know a person who could use a good tin foil hat. There's a website that tells you how to make them in all kinds of styles.

Enjoy the family time. It is precious.

Amy Lane said...

Good dog... brain all protected!