Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hither and Yon

Over the next couple of months I'm on the go.  I wish I could say I'm traveling to exotic places but most of my trips are to Phoenix for continuing education.  Every 2 years I have to renew my social work license and prove that I completed 30 hours of continuing education, only some of which can be online.

Somehow the first year always goes by in a flash and I all of a sudden I have a moment of panic as I realize I'm now part way through the second year.  Fortunately, I was able to find good Arizona conferences to fill the bill and visit my daughter at the same time.

Last week I attended a 2 day school board legal conference.  I thought about taking my knitting to alleviate the boardroom, but there are lots of serious people in suits and out of 700 I saw not one bit of fiber art.  I had to settle for doodling on my notes.  The best part was Clay Jenkinson, who spoke to us as both Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt.  He really makes history come alive!

I've only just started my travels and the cats are already glued to my side every time I return.  They know what a suitcase means and they want none of it.  Today I'm cleaning off said suitcase as my Mastiff granddog slimed it with her amazing drool.  At least I got a souvenir.