Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freezing my ass off

Iowa has turned from fall to winter while I'm visiting and I was not prepared. The chill winds that blew through the Midwest took most of the remaining leaves and dropped the overnight temps in to the 20's. I came prepared for the usual fall jacket weather and the heat of my dads apartment. This has made running errands a process of run and shiver. I now clearly remember why I live in Arizona!

One more day with Dad and then on to visit my son and Rowan. This trip he was unable to get out to the apartment to go to dinner or go to Walgreen's. The doctor is running some tests to see if the increased weakness is anything treatable. If not, it is just one more step in the aging process and we'll have to create a new plan for how to adapt.

Rowan's mommy is off in Portland doing a 1 month medical school rotation in Pediatrics ICU. She is lonely and missing her boy! We keep assuring her that time will go by quickly and she'll be home in 24 more days. Guitar Guy changed jobs when my son was about Rowan's age and I remember the time apart is being difficult for all of us.

Nicole is plugging away on packing and trying to get everything done for a mid-November move. Hopefully all will go smoothly and they'll be settled in by Thanksgiving. Being one of the newest nurses she has volunteered to work the holidays so people with young children can take the time off. I think that means Thanksgiving comes on Sunday at our house this year :-)

Have to go finish Rowan's newest socks before I get on the bus tomorrow. Got to keep his little feets warm this winter!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It is official

Yep, it is official, Nicole and Pat are moving here. They found a nice house that would accept all of the animals and will be here full time in about a month. She's working lots of overtime to get the move money so don't see a whole lot of her.

Not much new in my world - a little work, a little knitting, a little Buffy (on Season 6). Now I'm off to bed. Have a good week all.