Sunday, January 24, 2010

A day to rest and recover

It has been a long, busy week and my stomach is not feeling well. I'm sitting on the couch reading blogs and enjoying the warmth of Pippin purring by my side. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.

The Foundation meeting went well and I'm really glad it is over. I've determined over the years that I don't really enjoy event planning. That is probably why I love hearing about Roxie's teas and seeing the pictures, but wouldn't do it myself. Vicarious enjoyment works for me :-)

In the process of buying all of the materials for centerpieces at Walmart, I had a horrifying moment. Picture 7:30 AM, under the merciless lights of a big box store, I look down in to a mirrored tile and see that GASP - I look old! Saggy neck skin, jowls, lines around my mouth etc, etc etc. Since I don't have the money for plastic surgery and don't know that I would ever do it anyway, I've resolved to never look down in to a mirror again. There is more than one reason to keep your chin up!

I'm off to knit and read some more of Rampant. Hope your day is restful and full of good things.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oops it's Monday

Meant to post yesterday and lost a day somewhere. Caught up the work blogs this morning so time to update you too.

Last week was really busy but mostly with school board and nonprofit board meetings. We had a 3 hour work session on closing one of the middle schools, the regular board meetings the next night and a debriefing on the failed override on Wednesday. By end of day Wednesday I was pretty fried on school district issues!

The exciting news for this week is an upcoming presentation in town by the woman I studied with last spring for nonprofit consulting. She'll be traveling through the area and offered to do a free workshop if we let her sell her books at the end. There is so little opportunity for live education in our area, I'm hoping people will turn out.

Today I got to sit on in on the City Council's visioning process at their annual retreat. I was one of four Chamber of Commerce reps, though I'm relatively new to that board and still learning the ropes. It was an interesting afternoon and the people present have an exciting view of our future. Hope at least parts of it can be moved forward. We want to be ready when the economy eventually turns up!

This week I have the annual meeting for the 4 year university group. Our progress is stalled at the moment due to the economy but trying to move ahead. I was the only one willing to put the dinner/meeting together so have been chasing a few last minute details. I have been promised that if I become an officer of the board I won't have to do this job again :-)

Saturday we have a board retreat for the youth organization I'm involved with. Thankfully, I don't have to facilitate. The Exec and I are putting the agenda together with a volunteer facilitator. Excited to see what comes out of it and awaiting Sunday as a day of rest.

I did start Guitar Guy's socks yesterday but don't have enough progress (and am too lazy) to take a picture. Liking the pattern so far. Did have to order another skein of yarn since men's socks are bigger. Figure I can use it at the toes of the color is too different.

Off to bed and my comfy pillow.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happiness Project

I just started reading Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project" so celebrate the new year. Who isn't in favor of more happiness?

What I like about it so far: each person will create their own happiness project, not follow a prescribed pattern. Changes are added one at a time, building on successes. This is basically the process I've been following to change to a healthier diet. Other than starting to add in some exercise, I'm not inclined to make a lot of changes this year.

Had a great time in Phoenix with Nicole and my friend Kathe last week. Indian food, Sherlock Holmes and a road trip to Tucson were on the agenda. My grandcats were very happy to see me as well. They've recovered from the trauma of Christmas at our house and claws are healing.

Yesterday I finally took down all of the Christmas decorations and cleaned the front of the house. Guitar Guy was out and about so I turned up my music and sang loudly while I was cleaning. Still have more decluttering to do (and we won't talk about the garage) but now I can take that a little at a time.

Finally am starting socks for Guitar Guy. He's been complaining for months that I've never made him anything. Decided on #One Husband socks. Hopefully by next week I'll have a picture. Now off to choose the yarn and wind.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is it really 2010?

I can't believe how quickly the holidays went by! Of course having a cold and sinus infection sort of put me out of action for a couple of days. Thankfully I caught the sinus infection early and the antibiotics seem to be kicking its butt. I'm trying to be patient with myself which is why my Christmas decorations are still up. Hopefully I'll at least get the tree down tonight. I enjoy the lights, so waiting doesn't really bother me.

The big news of the weekend is that Rowan is now mobile. He's moving fast, eating out of the dog bowl and tearing pages from books. Kind of glad he held off until he got home as our house is not baby proof. I'm hoping to get to see him at the end of January if I can find a reasonable air fare.

I also need to get out to see my dad again. A family friend he's known since I was a baby died this weekend. At 92, there are so few people left who share his memories that losing one more is very hard. Getting old is definitely not for the weak.

Tomorrow I'm off to Phoenix for a couple of days. My best friend from college is coming in for a conference so we'll try to catch a few hours together at least. Beats me traveling to Omaha, NE. The last time I was there we were up at 2 AM keeping track of tornado movements.

I hope you all had good holidays and are ready for whatever 2010 throws at us.

Happy New Year!