Sunday, January 24, 2010

A day to rest and recover

It has been a long, busy week and my stomach is not feeling well. I'm sitting on the couch reading blogs and enjoying the warmth of Pippin purring by my side. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.

The Foundation meeting went well and I'm really glad it is over. I've determined over the years that I don't really enjoy event planning. That is probably why I love hearing about Roxie's teas and seeing the pictures, but wouldn't do it myself. Vicarious enjoyment works for me :-)

In the process of buying all of the materials for centerpieces at Walmart, I had a horrifying moment. Picture 7:30 AM, under the merciless lights of a big box store, I look down in to a mirrored tile and see that GASP - I look old! Saggy neck skin, jowls, lines around my mouth etc, etc etc. Since I don't have the money for plastic surgery and don't know that I would ever do it anyway, I've resolved to never look down in to a mirror again. There is more than one reason to keep your chin up!

I'm off to knit and read some more of Rampant. Hope your day is restful and full of good things.


Roxie said...

In Golden Girls, Maude tells Ruth about how you look ten years older if you look down into a mirror, and ten years younger if you look up into a mirror. Holding the mirror over her head and smiling brightly, Ruth says, "From now on I'm always going to be be on my back when I meet men!"

Hope you feel well soon. Cats make excellent caregivers!

Donna Lee said...

I caught sight of myself like that once. Frightening, I tell you, frightening.

This has been one helluva winter for viruses. I hope you feel better.

KnitTech said...

There is nothing wrong with getting older. Grilltech hates my hair because I quit dying it - it's 50% grey - and I'm only 42.

Amy Lane said...

(Okay... I'll tell you a secret. I don't know how I ended up in this middle aged woman with kids, but I KNOW the pretty girl in my wedding photos is looking for me somewhere!!! It's not you... trust me-- not you!)

Feel better... give Pippin my love--and I'm SO glad you enjoyed Rampant!