Monday, January 18, 2010

Oops it's Monday

Meant to post yesterday and lost a day somewhere. Caught up the work blogs this morning so time to update you too.

Last week was really busy but mostly with school board and nonprofit board meetings. We had a 3 hour work session on closing one of the middle schools, the regular board meetings the next night and a debriefing on the failed override on Wednesday. By end of day Wednesday I was pretty fried on school district issues!

The exciting news for this week is an upcoming presentation in town by the woman I studied with last spring for nonprofit consulting. She'll be traveling through the area and offered to do a free workshop if we let her sell her books at the end. There is so little opportunity for live education in our area, I'm hoping people will turn out.

Today I got to sit on in on the City Council's visioning process at their annual retreat. I was one of four Chamber of Commerce reps, though I'm relatively new to that board and still learning the ropes. It was an interesting afternoon and the people present have an exciting view of our future. Hope at least parts of it can be moved forward. We want to be ready when the economy eventually turns up!

This week I have the annual meeting for the 4 year university group. Our progress is stalled at the moment due to the economy but trying to move ahead. I was the only one willing to put the dinner/meeting together so have been chasing a few last minute details. I have been promised that if I become an officer of the board I won't have to do this job again :-)

Saturday we have a board retreat for the youth organization I'm involved with. Thankfully, I don't have to facilitate. The Exec and I are putting the agenda together with a volunteer facilitator. Excited to see what comes out of it and awaiting Sunday as a day of rest.

I did start Guitar Guy's socks yesterday but don't have enough progress (and am too lazy) to take a picture. Liking the pattern so far. Did have to order another skein of yarn since men's socks are bigger. Figure I can use it at the toes of the color is too different.

Off to bed and my comfy pillow.


Roxie said...

You intrepid citizen! Your community is lucky to have you.

KnitTech said...

I'm glad there are people in the world like you. :)

Donna Lee said...

Live community speakers who actually have things to say that people need/want to listen to are rare. I hope yours goes well.