Saturday, September 26, 2009

Traveling again

Off to Florida this time so blogging will probably be at a minimum. Spent the day with my lovely daughter today. We did pedicures and went out for Indian food. I made a good dent in my Weight Watchers bonus points but it was so worth it.

Our minor trauma for the week was Meriadoc (our youngest cat) getting gastritis. He had diahrrea for 3 days and then vomited all over. After an emergency x-ray (showing nothing but gas) they decided to dose him with antibiotics for 10 days. This meant I had to quickly find someone to wrap a fighting cat in towel twice a day to give him his medication. He already seemed to be feeling better by the time we left.

Life is always interesting!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Chinese food and a fat cat

I'm not sure where time has gone, but it hasn't been blogging. I'm sitting on the couch after a full week. I'm waiting for Chinese food to be delivered to my door so I don't have to cook. Pippin feels this is the perfect opportunity to "help" me write my blog so we are having some cuddle and purr time. I haven't told him I'm headed off on another trip soon. He really doesn't want to know. He's already had enough trauma after having to have a catheter inserted for a urine sample this week. Poor guy.

Since getting back from Iowa I've been very busy. You all know how it is when you come back after a trip. Everything you put off is impatiently waiting. I've plowed through most of it and still have a week to finish up before I head off to visit my in-laws. Thank goodness for great business partners who keep things going while I'm flying around the country (plus they take care of my cats!)

Yesterday I got to help make a marketing visit to a physician's office. It was a very strange experience. We got to stand in the hall and wait for the physicians to pop out between appointments and approach us for a 30-60 second spiel. A couple of them asked good questions and seemed to understand the whole geriatric care management idea. Hopefully, we'll see some referrals out of it.

I'm still liking having our own business, but not liking the lack of income. We've decided to commit some funds to advertising and keep moving forward. A true benefit of our slowish start is that I've had the freedom to spend time helping my dad and visit my grandson. That is truly a gift.

I think I hear the delivery guy coming up the walk. Mongolian beef and shrimp with garlic sauce - Yum!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Family photos

Home again from a great trip to visit all of my family in Iowa. Dad and I ran errands every day and got much of his list done. We still had time to eat lots of sweet corn, talk for hours and just enjoy spending time together.

Baby Rowan is almost 4 months old and can finally wear his rock and roll t-shirt we got him. The Guitar Guy wants to make sure Rowan starts out right!

Rowan's new sweater on the model. It fit well and I think he looks very handsome in it. Unfortunately he kicks off all the socks I made him even with the ribbing. If you have a good pattern that really stays on, let me know (Amy - yours stay on!)
Rowan dressed as a shark. It's kind of hard to see the shark on the back but the hat has eyes and a fin on the back.
Here are Rowan, Dom, Dad and me celebrating Dad's 92nd birthday. Had a great time! If you look at the painting behind our heads, the little girl with dog is me :-) A friend of my mother's painted it and included my dog, Fritz, and I from a photo.

I think Rowan and Great Grandpa have a mutual admiration society. There many smiles and lots of love. A great time was had by all!