Sunday, March 30, 2014

March blew through

It has been a windy month in Havasu, bringing with it dust and pollen to make allergies nuts.  Everyone is sneezing, coughing and trying to track down allergy medication (which is fast disappearing from store shelves).  It seems a shame to close up the house and term on the air conditioning so soon, but that is the only real alternative to a drippy nose and streaming eyes.

Our temps have already been in the high 80's and 90's, which doesn't bode well for the summer.  If you've been suffering through feet of snow, I may appear to be a whiner. To truly appreciate the "joys" of an AZ summer, please come visit at the end of June or early July :-)

The good news is that I'm staying steadily busy in my business, have extra projects to keep me stimulated and intrigued, am getting everything lined up for school and am getting some knitting done.  I'm trying to start the Water and Stone sweater for my daughter, but it begins with a cable, which is not something I've done before. I'm also concerned about the yarn I chose and how to size the sweater. Thankfully she's close enough that I can find an opportunity to try it on her.  I'm aiming to be finished for the fall, so have time.

 I finally made a pair of Skyp socks for me from Sanguine Gryphon (now Verdant Gryphon) Bugga.  Love the feel and the pattern.  Will definitely do these again.

 The Mukluks are for my beautiful daughter, once I sew the suede on the bottom.  I made a pair from my grandson and she requested an adult size. Thankfully there is an adult pattern so I didn't have to resize.  The yarn is a cheap acrylic but very soft.  A quick fun knit.

Right now I'm working on these Hermione socks in Opal Tonks.  I don't usually like pink, but this yarn just kept calling to me.  It's good to expand one's color palette :-)