Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pot Pourrie

January has been an odd month for me, with a mix of productivity and sloth.  I've been busy knitting mittens for my daughter-in-law and grandson, who are living in the polar vortex this winter.  I love how the Mini Mochi ring mittems look but they aren't terribly warm.  Those, however, were a special request.  I made two pairs of plain vanilla mittens in different sizes.  Wasn't sure which ones would fit and they can always be layered.

I've been busy with visits for my geriatric care business this month but there is increasing competition for the contracted work.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a continued part-time caseload as I'm planning to start school in May.  Yes, I know how old I am.  Yes, I already have one Master's degree.  Yes, I'm still excited about learning, even if it means writing papers and reading dry textbooks. 

I applied and was accepted to the Master's in Social Work program at University of North Dakota.  Obviously, since I live in Arizona, this is a distance learning program.  Unlike my previous degree, this one requires being in video classes for 6 hours per week and a one time visit to Grand Forks, ND.  I have been thinking about the MSW since I graduated from college.  Increasingly, most positions require an MSW, unless they are entry level.  Until fairly recently though, the MSW degree wasn't available through distance learning due to the clinical practice requirements. 

This is actually part of my "retirement" plan.  Like many of us boomers, I anticipate needing/wanting to work at something fulfilling as long as I am able.  I know many people who experienced traditional retirement for about 1 year and said, "That's enough of that".  I also have valued role models who found rewarding new careers at 60 or older because they were open to reinventing themselves.

Knowing how much time school can take, I have a mile long list of things that need to be done before May, like cleaning out the garage.  That's where the sloth comes in :-)  I've thought a great deal about what needs to be done but so far have made little actual progress.  My plan to walk 3 times a week has also stalled despite our beautiful weather.  But, today is a new day, and most things are possible (except for being 25 again).  Off to work and seeing what the new day brings :-)