Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Laziness

Spent the morning teaching a caregiving class so now is the time to kick back and enjoy the weekend. What shall I do? Read? Knit? Watch movies? All 3 at once? I'd love to say I'm taking a hike in the desert or something healthy like that but being slothful is more my thing.

Still working away on Guitar Guy's socks. Does gray take forever or is it just me? Craving color but need to keep forging ahead. I should get them done just about in time for the weather to heat up and then he won't need them until November! The joys of knitting wool in Arizona.

I'm debating on my next project. I might start a sweater for Rowan or just browse through my patterns for some something fun and different. Is there such a thing as a knitting slump? I think I'm in it and need to get re-energized.

Guitar Guy had a gig tonight but I opted to stay home and veg. Caught up on the last two episodes of Supernatural and the first new episode of Glee. We only have one satellite box so when sports are on I miss my shows. Thank goodness for and ITunes for those television emergencies.

Tomorrow night we are going out to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary (actually on Monday). Considering that my parents were convinced our marriage wouldn't last, I think we've done pretty well. I can't say it has all been perfect, no relationship is, but after 30 years I think I'll keep him. After all, breaking in a new model would be tough :-)

Now back to my regularly scheduled sock. . .


Roxie said...

Knit with movies, knit with audio books. Distract yourself as much as you can and that sock will soon be finished.

Thirty years? Bravo! Any words of advice?

Donna Lee said...

Happy Anniversary! Funny, my parents thought we wouldn't last either.

Yea, I think gray takes way longer than red. And I chose gray to make an entire man's sweater.

KnitTech said...

Grey isn't too bad. Black can be hard to see.

Amy Lane said...

Wow! 30 years is a WIN! And sometimes, they do take forever! (Okay... last two eps of Supernatural were REALLY internse!)