Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catch up

Thought I'd have one last cup of coffee and catch up on my blogging before I head out to run errands. I can't believe we are in April already, especially since I leave again the 30th to head back to Iowa! Combine that with my daughter's nursing school pinning/graduation part in mid-May and I'm basically gone for 3 weeks again. Shhhh - don't tell the cats.

Speaking of cats, it has now been decided that Icey has developed a chronic bladder infection to go with her gallstones. We are trying antibiotic shots every two weeks, hoping that will decrease her vomiting and improve how she feels. If it works, she'll have to stay on them indefinitely to the tune of $58 per shot! This getting old stuff isn't easy for cats either.

Had a great weekend in Phoenix with my daughter and her boyfriend. I even tried sushi for the first time. I must be getting more daring as I age :-) The hockey game was great (especially since Phoenix won) and then we went out for beer and appetizers at Gordon Biersch. They have the most amazing garlic fries. Obviously I wasn't counting Weight Watchers points that night!

Now its time to get caught up on Supernatural since I missed it Thursday night. Angsty veal, here I come.


Roxie said...

You tried sushi, but did you like it? Sounds like a great time was had by all!

Poor kitty! I hope the shots work wonders for her.

Galad said...

I did like the sushi a lot. Now I've tried it once I have a better idea of what to order.

KnitTech said...

Poor kitty.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Phoenix.

Donna Lee said...

Getting old is definitely not for the faint of heart of any species. Poor kitty.

Sushi, huh? I can't bring myself to eat raw fish. It's so pretty to look at but to eat? Not so much.

Amy Lane said...

Mmm... hope you've been keeping up w/the angsty veal. And poor kitty... hope you find a balance--we're having troubles that way too!