Sunday, July 19, 2009

Part 2: Cleaning out the closet

None of us thought of sealing the cracks in the closet door so the office closet was covered in drywall dust. If you've ever dealt with drywall dust, you know how fine and tenacious the stuff is. It sticks to absolutely everything! All my out-of -season or out-of-size clothing was stored in that closet plus a hodgepodge of "don't know where else to stuff it".

Here is the clothing left after I threw 2 garbage bags full. I'm getting more brutal with my "thin" clothing. Even if I ever got back in to it, the styles are totally outdated.

After I pulled everything else out of the closet, this was some of the mess I had left. I finally pitched 3 paint by number horse pictures my Gramps painted in 1963. They've totally yellowed and I'll never hang them. Took pictures for posterity and in the trash can they went. (I'm currently reading a book called The Boomer Burden which is about cleaning out the mess parents leave behind. It is making me less sentimental and more ruthless with my stuff)

This is all of the glassware that has to be washed and put back in the next couple of weeks. It has taken over Guitar Guy's studio/amp workshop/library. Thankfully he's not building anything right now. Hopefully he doesn't need any of the guitars stuck back in the corner before I'm done

A parting Rowan shot while on vacation in Colorado. I love this one because you can see how long his eyelashes are. My son had beautiful eyelashes too. Why boys seem to get them is one of life's great mysteries!

Now I'm back to work on the bedroom. The painting crew arrives tomorrow - hurray!


Roxie said...

Your glass collection is (omigawdomigawd I want it so much!)
quite lovely. Get out a recorded book and your good rubber gloves and I'll come over to help you wash and dry. And when it's all sparkling back in its closet, we'll break out the rum.

KnitTech said...

Nice collection of glass, I'd be more than happy to help come wash. I'll bring the lime for the rum!!

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- you have some real treasures there. Too bad we have to WORK to find those things in our houses, but I'm sure you'll be SO glad when it's all done! (*pretty baby* Sorry-it was the same reaction that the dogs had to squirrels in the movie 'UP'... and he really is SO purty!)

Em said...

Whew, all the remodelling looks exhausting! Still, I have a couple more weeks off, I'll come out with Roxie for the dish washing (who needs rubber gloves, huh?). Mostly the rum part, though. Hope the painting goes well and quickly for you guys this weekend!