Thursday, November 5, 2009

If I blink will it be Christmas?

I've been back for almost a week and still don't feel close to being caught up. Tonight I ordered a Christmas present online and realized how rapidly the holidays are approaching. I have decided not to commit to holiday knitting this year to reduce my stress load. If I get something done - great, if not - great. Did finish another hat for Rowan and worsted socks for my son while I was traveling.

I started a list of all of the things I have to get done around the house before the family descends on December 18. Since we'll have a baby on the floor, carpet cleaning is high on the list! My washer and dryer are dying. How rude to only last 20+ years! The garbage disposal is also making terrible crunching noises (though I can't see anything in it). I haven't read a really good review on any washer under $1000. If you have any experience to share on the washer front bring it on.

This weekend we are off to Phoenix to see Phantom of the Opera with our daughter. She paid for most of the cost of tickets for her dad's Christmas present. Should be a wonderful weekend and we are really looking forward to it. The cats, of course, will be pissed. I just got home and now I'm gone again? I don't listen too much to their complaints. The pet sitter I hired plays with them way more than I do. They do love that laser pointer :-)

The sad news for this week was the failure of our school overrides to pass. That means 1 million dollars less starting next year plus whatever hit the state gives us. I keep hearing that the district needs to learn to live within its means, but AZ is 49th in the nation in per pupil spending and our district is one of the lowest in the state. In my first year on the school board I've seen no evidence that the spending is anything other than well reasoned, conservative and in compliance with the umpteen regulations and laws governing school finance. Our district has made great progress and is considered one of the better districts in AZ with progressive leadership. There is no fat to cut (despite the letters to the editor) and anything from here on out will be very painful. Sorry for the whining but it is so maddening!!!

Hugs to all and may your weekend be relaxing, cozy and filled with fiber.


Roxie said...

Are there a lot of retirees in your district? Can you get the kids to them? Public recitals or spelling bees at the mall? "Slave" auctions at the retirement centers? Veteran's Day ceremonies? Maybe the school paper could interview a senior citizen each week. Put the kids and the populace together. People need to feel connected to something before they will give up their money.

Donna Lee said...

We have trouble getting education initiatives passed too. I think Roxie hit it right. We are an aging populace here and no one wants to pay for schools they aren't using. Very shortsighted. I'd like the next generation of individuals to be educated. They'll be making decisions that affect me so in effect, I'm using the schools, too.

Hope the weekend was fun and I hear you on the "holidays are right on our heels" !

Amy Lane said...

Yeah-- I know what you mean. California is 48th--and we just got told that we'll cut teacher's salaries by cutting days of school during the year--but increasing the length of time we're in school during the day.

Politician #fail!

But enjoy Phantom-- what an awesome gift!