Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Blink You Might Miss It

I'm always amazed at how quickly life can shift. Last week I was an empty nester and now my daughter will be living with us part time and working at our local hospital. HUH?

The good news is Nicole has a job as an RN. She started today. The other good news is that we get to see her more. The other good news is that she will have benefits and be financially solvent. The other good news is that she is starting the RN to BSN program at Arizona State University online this week. That is a lot of good news.

There will certainly be adjustments for her SO and the pets, especially this first six weeks while she is orienting and training. There will be adjustments for Guitar Guy and I after 5 years of having no children at home! There will be adjustments for all of us as we learn to co-exist as adults, not parent and child.

I've learned to be careful not to blink or I might miss what is coming next!


Roxie said...

Best of luck with the changes. Hope you like the S.O. and vice versa. Hugs!!

KnitTech said...

Change is good. (Or so they tell me.) Older kids moving back home isn't quite the same as living with teenagers.