Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cat lovers unite!

Two weeks ago I posted this picture of Merry as my avatar in Facebook and on my page in FB's Fairyland game. Since that time, many total strangers have come out of the woodwork to share their cat pictures and stories.

I have talked with people in England, Australia, Indonesia and across the US about our spoiled felines . We all agree that we are excellent staff for the fur people who run our homes :-)

Merry has a very swelled head after receiving many compliments on his beauty. I have not shared with his adoring public that he finds the bathroom floor and tub equally as attractive for deposits as his cat pan!

Things are slowly moving in to a routine after the traumatic events of a few weeks ago. Nicole is making herself crazed trying to keep up with a full time college schedule online while working full time and commuting 3.5 hours from Phoenix. She'll soon be through orientation at the hospital and will have more control over scheduling her work around school requirements.

The summer heat is beginning to ease here in Arizona (at least in the evenings and mornings). That means that the activity level of the community has now kicked in to high gear. I've had events to attend every night this week which keeps life interesting. I'm always amazed when people say there is nothing to do in our community. We obviously aren't living in the same place!

Nothing new on the knitting front other than another pair of socks for Rowan. I'm being a knitting slacker these days. Hopefully the cooler weather will inspire me to get moving. Hope all is well in your worlds and you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.


Roxie said...

Merry does need to give some credit to the photographer who staged that awesome shot! Yes, we does love our pussycats, we does!

Poor Nichole, what a miserable communte? Does she sleep? I mean, when she's not driving?

KnitTech said...

Things will settle down for Nichole, it may take a while.

Donna Lee said...

I had a cat who liked the bathtub for deposits as well. I wonder what that's about?

When I got my tattoo, all of a sudden, people were showing me parts of their body that were normally covered. It was strange and amazing.