Sunday, October 30, 2011

Progress in life and on the Christmas stocking

October has been a month of ups and downs, but mostly moving forward. I am not done grieving over this awful year, but I no longer feel stalled. The waves of sorrow come less frequently and less intensely (though the holidays are sure to temporarily change that). I'm beginning to be productive with our business again and that feels good.

I finally opened the boxes I shipped from my dad's apartment and survived. I haven't totally unpacked them yet, but it is a step. The hardest thing is the scent trigger of his clothes and other belongings. I can understand why he kept my mom's clothes for so long as there is a certain comfort in their feel and smell. I also closed the estate last week while I was in Iowa and went out to the cemetery in the middle of nowhere to make sure the headstone had been engraved.

I spent some time wandering the cemetery where so many of my mother's ancestors are buried and felt the warmth of the sun on the granite. I talked to my parents, felt the wind and smelled the cattle lot next door. I remembered all the times I visited with my mom to bring flowers as a child. I was afraid it would be terribly sad, but I actually felt peaceful.

I continue to work on Rowan's Christmas stocking and am counting the weekends until it must be ready. It's coming along nicely but there are many hours ahead. I think he'll be excited to see it and can't wait to spend the holidays with him. I had a wonderful visit last week and he's always happy to see Gamma. His mother said she wonders if he thinks I can come out of the computer to visit him as he talks to my picture on the computer even when we aren't Skyping.

Now that I've caught you up, I need to get busy on that stocking. Hoping to get in 5 or 6 hours today!


Julie said...

I'm very glad that you've found some peace with the situation.

The stocking is magnificent!

Roxie said...

With the passing of a very dear friend, I am discovering that the fear of the sorrow is worse than the sorrow itself. The sharp edge of loss wears down quickly, and peace comes behind it. Blessings on you. May you find comfort and rest.

The stocking totally rocks! Counted crosstich makes my eyes cross. And what a complex pattern. Lucky, lucky lad!

KnitTech said...

The stocking is amazing. Rowan is one lucky kiddo.

Donna Lee said...

Smell is the most evocative thing for me.

I made stockings for each one of my girls. Each one is different, depending on what was in style at the time. I loved working on them and they love taking them out at the holidays. Rowan will treasure that as he gets older.

(I still have one that one of my mother's friends made when I was a baby.)