Friday, October 19, 2012

I will finish this Christmas stocking!

Taking break before heading back to work on Rowan's Christmas stocking.  I'm getting down to all those tiny sections I've been avoiding.  Two stitches in dark green.  Three stitches in light pink.  One stitch I missed in white.  It is tedious but essential in getting the project done.  My goal is to start the outlining by November 1st.  It takes a long time but makes all the difference in the look of the finished item.  If you've never done counted cross stitch, think weaving in knitted ends on steroids!

In between hours squinting at charts for the stocking, I'm finishing up some knitting projects.  One pair of socks to finish, another pair of socks to start, blocking and finishing a cowl, and doing finish work on a baby sweater and toddler scarf.  It all seems doable today (but then it always does in October)

Keep a good thought.


Roxie said...

Oh, you are SO in my thoughts! I know how it is - there's ever so much time to get all the projects done, and then suddenly it's Thanksgiving and life goes into overdrive. Quiet evenings at home knitting? Not till January! And for me, not till I'm over my holiday croup.

Donna Lee said...

I used to do counted cross stitch all the time. I have many unfinished projects in a bin waiting for me to fall out of love with the knitting needles and spinning wheel. One day I will work on them. I'm sure of it. I made stockings for everyone in my family and as they've moved out, they've taken them with. I think I need replacements.....