Saturday, February 2, 2013

Windows Wide Open

It's a beautiful day today, full of sunshine and the feel of spring.  I opened up all the windows to let the house air out and started cleaning.  We are almost done with refinancing our house to lower the payment but still have the appraisal to do.  Thanks to all the scandals in home loans, the appraisal process actually involves going through the house and looking at the upkeep.  Since July, I've taken care of most of the major fixes, although lots of small nagging ones remain.  Neither Guitar Guy or I are very handy when it comes to household repairs, so they have a tendency to pile up. 

This weekend I'm trying to get the house show ready for the appraisal and realized pretty quickly that I'd better be shooting for good enough.  With the windows wide open I see the dirt on the glass, the dusty window sills, the cat hair clinging to my kitchen cupboards and the bugs in the light fixtures.  In the bright light of a sunny Saturday, I can see it all!  Since I don't know what day the appraisers will show up, I'll just keep plugging along, doing the best I can. 

My break is over, so back to the dust bunnies!

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Donna Lee said...

I like to think we live in a clean environment until we throw open the windows and let the light in.

Good luck with the appraisal. Our mtg will be paid off in 2016-hard to believe only 3 more years!