Monday, October 14, 2013

Saying goodbye to Miss Vibe

Saturday I drove my car to Phoenix and left her with strangers.  I'd been planning to bring home a newer, shinier model for several months.  I know it is just a car, but we've spent almost 8 years together and it was hard to say goodbye.

This was the first car I bought with my own credit, my own salary and no co-signer.  Miss Vibe willingly hauled groceries, boxes to thrift stores, loads to and from storage, and even handled the big boxes that shouldn't have fit.

We logged a lot of road time to Las Vegas for all those Iowa trips to see my dad and Phoenix trips to see my daughter.  I could always depend on Miss Vibe to get me safely to my destination, and she didn't let me down.  Together we got through job changes, the loss of parents and my daughter's stroke.  Miss Vibe didn't even complain about my haphazard maintenance or the lack of frequent bathing.

Sadly, Miss Vibe's paint was starting to peel, and I knew that she would soon need more work and money to keep her running well.  Hopefully she will find a happy home and get the attention she deserves.

Now, Miss Elantra GT has come to live with us.  She has a few more features and is brand new, but she also has big shoes to fill.  We are still getting to know each other, and looking forward to adventures of our own.

Next week we'll be off to Tucson, then a quick trip to Las Vegas, followed closely by Los Angeles.  Wish us luck!


Roxie said...

Ahh you and GT have such adventures in store!

It's hard to say goodbye to a faithful old car. I sold my twelve year old Honda Civic to a guy in the neighborhood. He put more into the stereo system than he paid for the car. That was about ten years ago and she's still chugging along. When I see her around, I wave and smile every time.

Saren Johnson said...

That's a pretty car. And road trips to get to know her!

Good luck!