Saturday, August 1, 2015

School Days and Summer Vacation

 I had a wonderful week in Iowa with my son and his family even though Guitar Guy didn't get to go.  It was hot and sticky so we did mostly inside activities.  These photos were from the Children's Museum, where we spent part of an afternoon.  They have a whole restaurant set up for making play pizza complete with menus, a drink station and check out. Although the boys liked the "blue room" with all of its building components, the airplane room is their favorite. Many activities and play planes to pretend to fly.

The summer semester is winding down. Only one more week of classes and a few projects to finish this weekend.  We will have to write a major paper on the social work standards before the 16th and my internship starts the 25th of August.  Not looking forward to the commute back and forth to Bullhead City for 8 months but I'll survive.

Hoping you are having some down time this summer to enjoy family and fun!


Saren Johnson said...

Those boys are growing up so fast!!

Best of luck on the internship, the drive will be a good decompression time.

Saren Johnson said...

Happy birthday!!