Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And the race to the finish begins

We got through the holidays and mostly had a a nice time.  Guitar Guy spent the holidays with his siblings and I spent Christmas with our son and family.  New Year's weekend, the cats and I vegged, watched TV, knitted, and caught up on sleep.  It was really nice to have 3 days to just let down and putter. 

Now I'm back in the groove and plugging along on my independent study project.  324 out of 500 required hours of internship completed so I'm over the hump!  That doesn't mean that I get to quit when I hit 500 (which will probably be around the end of March).  I have to complete the semester, which means I'll be there until the first week of May.  I just know I'll feel better when I hit that magic number and know that the minimum requirement is met!

One more cup of coffee, then off to work.  Hope you have a great day and week!


Saren Johnson said...

Keep up the good work. How did they come up with 500 hours?

Galad said...

I have no idea how they came up with that figure. I'd guess there is a study somewhere that says it is the minimum number of hours to become proficient.