Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lazy Summer

I admit I have been a total sloth this summer.  I've continued to work part time but otherwise haven't done much of anything.  It is glorious!  I know sitting and binge watching Netflix while knitting isn't good for my health but I sure do love it.  I've also been listening to Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows while doing a counted cross stitch Christmas stocking for my grandson.

Now the summer is almost over and my fingers are crossed for a job with health insurance starting in the fall.  I've had a second interview for a position, so keep a good thought for me.  Guitar Guy is hanging in there and is still so happy to be home.

And now for some serious cuteness from Baby Liara who has finally almost reached 7 lbs so she can fit in newborn clothes.  We get to go see her in early October and can't wait!

I've been reading Marie Kondo's book on tidying and am debating whether I really have the umph to pull out every piece of clothing I own and go through it.  The image of a tidy house isn't quite enough incentive for the work it would take.  I'll keep reading.

Now back to reading another fluff book before summer is truly over.

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Saren Johnson said...

You earned the summer off. Work never seems to go away.