Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's done!

I finished sewing the buttons on my February Lady today and took a few pictures before I send it off to my daughter-in-law in Iowa. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I just hope it fits!

Em asked for me to explain a little more about group interviews, for those who have never been through them. My first experience was when I applied for my previous position as Executive Director. There were 18 board members in attendance. More than a little intimidating! During my years as ED, we used group interviews a lot. A manager from each department was part of the interview committee. We each had standard questions for the candidate, different than their original personal interview. More scenarios, role plays etc.

After the interview we discussed answers, but also talked a lot about fit with the position and organization. As a candidate, group interviews are challenging. As an employer, they can give you a lot of valuable information about how people interact with a group and how they handle stress. As a group works together through a series of interviews they get more confident in each other and the process. In a one hour personal interview, a candidate who interviews well can fool you. That is much harder to do with the various perspectives of a group. Hopefully it prevents a bad fit for both parties.

Now I think I need to dig out a nice pair of socks to finish. I love socks - they are quick and not hot to hold on your lap in the summer!


KnitTech said...

OMG! The sweater is darling! DIL will love it.

Em said...

I'll bet your daughter in law loves the sweater and wears it as soon as it gets to her. It's gorgeous! And it was made with love, which makes it twice as awesome.

Thanks for explaining more about the group interviews. It sounds like an intimidating way to interview a person, but I think your point about making sure a candidate is a good fit and not just a good interviewee makes a lot of sense.

Donna Lee said...

The sweater is beautiful. The color is perfect and suits the style.

I think group interviews are great when you're the interviewer, a little harder when you're the interviewee.

Amy Lane said...

WOW--that's an AMAZING sweater! I've been through group interviews. *whew* Ouch.