Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've been remiss

I apologize for my lack of post lately. I've once again been immersed in the world of website optimization and marketing. Our geriatric care business has slowed to a crawl and we've discovered a painful truth - none of us really like the marketing side of the business. It was exciting when the business was new and we couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. We then made the rooky mistake of assuming that our reputation and contacts in the community would bring in business. That doesn't work beyond a couple of referrals.

This week we focused on creating our marketing plan for the next 6 months. We've got some good ideas to work on through July, and then ramp up again in August for another go at it. The problem I always have in the summer is lack of motivation. It is hot in Arizona. Really hot! It is the time we hibernate and watch movies (unless you own a boat or have a pool, which we don't). The days tend to slide by one after the other and before I know it we are at Labor Day. All my good intentions of cleaning out drawers, planning for the coming months, getting my computer cleaned out - all gone.

Thank you for listening to me complain. It always helps to have an ear to bend for a while. On the bright side, Nicole is coming to visit for 2 days starting Sunday. Then in two weeks I go visit her for a couple of days. We have to take advantage of these opportunities before her crazy, breakneck schedule starts again in August.

Enjoy your summer day (unless you are in Australia keeping warm by the fire) and have a great weekend.


Donna Lee said...

Summer day? The temp dropped 15 degrees again today and it rained. So far, we haven't had much sunny weather. My supervisor told me about a job that she thought I'd be good at but it involved lots of public speaking and representing agencies. I'm not good at it. I get quite red and blotchy looking.

Roxie said...

It's important to put your thoughts in words so you know what you are thinking. Women, in particular, process their ideas with words. I'm always ready to be a sounding board.

I've found it helpful to have one "project" a day. It might be, "continue to work on organizing the kitchen cupboards" or it might be "finish all the mending." It helps give focus to the time. Otherwise, I can blow a whole day wondering what to do next.

KnitTech said...

A six month plan is a great start! It might be a good idea to have a reminder for the next six months marketing also.