Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here are some more pictures of my office, as requested. This is my collection of Depression glass and Elegant glass of the Depression era. For those inquiring minds, the former was sold in soap boxes or given away at carnivals and gas stations. The latter was a higher quality glass usually sold in department stores.

I'm also getting some of the items from my old office out of boxes and setting them up like the blue bottles on the filing cabinet. It feels good to get familiar things around my space. The painting is a watercolor of my mother done by may Aunt Nancy before I was born. It was first in my uncle's attic, then my parent's attic and finally framed and hung.

I love my ersatz Tiffany lamp (thank you as I prefer lamps to overhead lighting. The small cabinet is the one that took me 2 long sweaty hours to assemble. It holds all my office supplies and paper. The files on top make it look like an official office!

Last is our booth from Thursday. We had a drawing for a free massage, which made us very popular. Next time I'm bringing cookies or candy though. Those booths were WAY popular.

I didn't get nearly what I wanted done this weekend but should finish my Gryffindor socks tonight while I'm watching True Blood. That's my idea of a good time :-)

P.S. Why does blogger pop some of my pictures to the right? It looks fine in the preview and then I publish and it is out of alignment. AARGH!


KnitTech said...

The office looks warm and comfy.

Donna Lee said...

It looks like a terrific home office. The color of the walls is very welcoming and I love the watercolor of your mother! What a great thing to have on the wall.

Amy Lane said...

WOW WOW WOW... all that work was SOOOOO worth it... it's gorgeous! The glass cabinet is extraordinary--and the portrait is amazing.

Experience Ghana with Briana :) said...

love the green, and it looks amazing! I know what it started off like too, what a difference!