Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It happened again!

Just when I thought I was getting caught up on things, I realized I hadn't blogged in a week. Where are these weeks going? The summer is nearly gone and I know what that means - I'm already behind on Christmas knitting!

Rowan got a new polo shirt and jeans from the Baby Gap because his mommy couldn't resist. I've almost got his early fall sweater done (still needs buttons) and one matching sock. These small sizes whiz by pretty quickly. I get to go visit Rowan again at the end of this month when I go to see my dad. Short visits but at least I get a few baby cuddles in.

I got all the glassware put back though wish I'd had KnitTech and Roxie to help me and have some rum to celebrate :-) I'll take pictures one of these days. I put a storage cabinet together for the office today. Two hours of sweating and cursing created a fairly attractive addition to my office. Unfortunately, it won't hold my heavy duty printer so I may have to assemble one more piece.

I'm being lazy tonight when I should be reading one of those seven deadly boring solar energy proposals for the school district. I'll have myself for it tomorrow morning but I just can't focus. Much more fun to play on Facebook and knit.

Hope your day was a good one!


Roxie said...

That is one handsome young man!!

And isn't it amazing how you turn around and a month has slipped past without you noticing? I hate it!

Hooray on getting all the glassware washed and put away. And I, too, wish I could have been there. If I slipped a pair of cups inside my bra, you wouldn't notice, would you?

Amy Lane said...

God he's cute! And it has been a busy month! I'm so happy for you and your new office! Huzzah!

Donna Lee said...

What a face! I'd take short visits and cuddles. Photos of the new office space would be nice.