Thursday, February 11, 2010

And so it begins

This week I've been up to my eyeballs in projects that have to be finished before I leave town for about 3 weeks. I'm making progress but already shortening the list to what absolutely has to be done. I've made a little progress on the #1 husband socks. You can kind of see the pattern. I haven't used this yarn before (Sheffield Farms) but hope it softens up more when washed.

Saturday Guitar Guy and I leave for Phoenix to visit our daughter and go to a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. I'm not a big hockey fan but live games are pretty fun, especially if they fight! Got to watch for those flying pucks though. When Nicole was little she used to read at hockey games because she was bored. Made her mother very nervous.

Sunday Guitar Guy heads home to take care of the cats and I'm on to Tucson for another week of the consultant immersion class I did last year. This time I'll be a "seasoned" participant, facilitating the learning of the other students while advancing my own knowledge. Should be fun but also intense and exhausting. I'll be back home for 4 days then off to frigid Iowa for 9 days. That should give me some knitting time though I might take a break from the gray and start some purty colored socks for me :-)

Off to bed now. I have a 7 AM Chamber breakfast so need to at least fake alert and interested.


Roxie said...

Busy, busy woman! Have a great time at the conference. You will rock it, I know!

KnitTech said...

How was the conference?

Nice looking sock.

Donna Lee said...

7 am is a little early for coherent meetings. I'm usually on the train at that point and I know I wouldn't be up to making decisions (or even sense).

Enjoy your vacation/conference.

Amy Lane said...

You are SO busy-- and I'm w/Knittech-- nice sock!