Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just stopping by to do laundry

Got home from Tucson yesterday afternoon and leave again for Iowa on Thursday. That gives me just about enough time to pet the cats, do laundry and kiss my husband (not necessarily in that order).

Great week at consultant immersion including beautiful weather. I had a patio room so was able to open my sliding glass door and enjoy the sunshine. It is amazing how quickly a day can pass when you are engaged and excited about what you are doing. Just in case you don't remember from last year, we were talking about building stronger communities by focusing on what is possible, instead of on problems. We practiced starting with a vision and working back to putting first steps on a calendar

It really is no different than Roxie imagining her Saturday tea party and then working back to the first step she needs to do today. We just start with building a strong community which takes a little longer :-)

I love these kind of opportunities, but then I come home and the cat has puked on the couch just to keep things in perspective. Cats are like that.

Bright and early Thursday morning I'm off to see baby Rowan (and my son, DIL and Dad) It will be way too cold and probably will snow on me at least once. BRRRRRR.


Roxie said...

Putting together community the way I put together a tea party? What a fun thought. I'll be toying with that one all day long.

Bon voyage!

KnitTech said...

Don't get too cold out there while visiting.

Donna Lee said...

Weather shock. From warm and sunny to cold and snowy? Wrong direction.

I'd put up with the cold and snow to spend some family time, too.

Amy Lane said...

Enjoy the baby, baby-- and I love your enthusiasm for such good work!