Monday, March 1, 2010


Had a great time with Rowan over the weekend. Being the Grandma definitely has its good points like not getting up in the night :-) Spent most of the day Friday with the baby while his parents were at work. We had a great time dancing to the Bob the Builder MegaMix on YouTube. He thinks I'm a very cool grandmother.

Good thing he took two naps though because by afternoon I needed one too. There is a reason to have children when you are young - energy!

Now I'm spending the week with dad getting his errands done and reminiscing. Always a nice time and I'm so grateful that I can take the time to spend with him.

Now I'm off to start on a second Monkey Sock. I made the first one a year ago. I might just go home with a pair.


KnitTech said...

You've got engery, just a different kind.

Roxie said...

Not only are you cool grandma, you are also a rockin' daughter. Hooray for you!

Donna Lee said...

I can't wait for grandchildren. I intend to spoil them royally and then give them back to their parents.

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- I have projects like that! And it's good to see that Rowan is still maintaining his title as world's cutest grandbaby!