Monday, June 14, 2010

And now it is a pair

Finished my new socks over the weekend and will know put them away until about November. Too bad Arizona's wool sock season is so short! I've pulled some patterns to start a WWII watch cap for my son and a sweater for Rowan. Thinking about Cardigan for Merry based on the Arwen sweater. Anybody made either one? I've never cabled before but what the heck. The worst that can happen is I'll have to frog it.

I also pulled out a counted cross stitch kit Christmas stocking for Rowan. This should be interesting since I haven't done cross stitch in years. I do have my Ott light now so hopefully that will help with those itty bitty stitches. I got excited when I sorted the thread and saw all the rich colors. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Still trying to find a balance in my life but my energy is picking up a little. My goal for this week is getting through the tasky stuff that has been piling up and clean my office. That should be a good start to re-organizing and prioritizing.

Spent the morning taking poor old Icy to the vet. She has chronic bladder infections and her antibiotic shot wore off. Peeing blood every 3 feet across my light beige carpet ensued. She seems very subdued tonight so I'd guess she doesn't feel very good. She is 100 years old in cat years so infections take a toll on her. Keep your fingers crossed for her to perk up.

Just finished a Dairy Queen sundae. Tomorrow it is back to Weight Watchers :-)


Roxie said...

The socks are lovely!

Cables are fun. Do a sample swatch till you get the hang of it.

Poor Icy! I hate it when I get bladder infections. No wonder she's feeling subdued. And then the darn antibiotics make you feel nauseated. Yuck. Poor baby.

If you bite it, then write it. Tracking is the key. good luck with the WW.

KnitTech said...

Poor kitty. Hope she feels better soon.