Monday, June 21, 2010

She passed!

The exciting news for the day is that my daughter passed her nursing boards and is now a real RN! Celebration is now in order! Too bad Roxie isn't here to fix her up a beautiful table when she comes this weekend but we'll figure something out (which shall remain secret since she reads this blog sometimes).

Last week was a busy one for our geriatric care business though I'm not sure how much on-going work we will have from it. We just keep plugging along trying to build a solid reputation. This week we are ordering polo shirts with our logo to wear around town. The fact that I think it is a big deal probably says something about my life :-)

Icy seems to be feeling some better and is back to being her obnoxious self. She insists on draping herself across the arm of the couch in the morning, which tends to put her tail dangerously close to my coffee. This would not be a huge issue except that she has a history of dunking the end in my java! Personally, I don't want to think about where that tail has been after 21 years.

I am yawning so must be time to put myself to bed. Goodnight


KnitTech said...


Roxie said...

Lessee, you could scatter hypodermic needles along the table and twine stethascopes around the candelabra . . no - maybe not. I do want to see pictures of that pretty table, though.

She's such a delicate little beauty. Hooray!!There's a crying need for nurses and no where near enough candidates smart enough to make the cut. Yay for her!

You know I work in the testing department at our community college. The folks in charge of the nurses' training program have asked us to tell them if any students are particularly unpleasant to us. Nursing is not just intellectual. It's psychological, too, and nurses need to be able to handle stress without taking it out on the folks around them.

Hooray for your daughter for making it!

Donna Lee said...

Oh yay Nicole!!!!! That is so exciting. There are not nearly enough nurses in the world.

She is beautiful. I'm feeling your pride all the way over here.