Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pippin and I are Watching TV

Back home, sitting on the couch being smothered in kitty love. Pippin was sooooo happy to see his mommy he has hardly left my side. Merry is still deciding whether I have done my penance and Icey is happy if her food dish is full.

We got back about 10 PM Sunday night after 9 hours of air/car time. I think my butt is till numb! I don't know how people do those long Trans Atlantic flights. I probably wouldn't be able to rise out of my chair.

Had a good visit with my in-laws but spent a good bit of time doing geriatric care management with them. My dad started receiving home health care and physical therapy this week to try to slow his decline. Old age truly is not for wimps.

Got part of one sock done (Pattern: Nemesis, Yarn - Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveler) I'll try to get pictures this weekend.


Roxie said...

Give Pippin hugs and belly rubs for me.

The thing with the long flights is that you do NOT stay in your seat. You should get up and move once every hour. Even if you just walk up and down the aisle. And stretch every half hour. Clench your buns alternately for a minute. Press your heels against the floor, then push down with your toes. Isometrics will help a great deal. And welcome home!!

KnitTech said...

Welcome home! The kitties will forgive you, after they plotted your demise.