Saturday, November 27, 2010

Times change

The good news that Nicole and Pat are settled in their freshly painted house and she is at the end of her work week so we can celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. The bad news, I think the last 10 days just about did her in. Thankfully Pat's family came and helped with part of the move, I helped last Sunday and did my best to keep the two of them fed until their kitchen was set up.

I now remember why I haven't moved in 25 years! Not only do you have the mountain of boxes to pack and unpack, but all that hauling is hard on the body. Helping Nicole move has renewed my motivation to start sorting, selling and throwing some of our excess now. As I go through my day, I ask, "If I had to move this would I still have it?" It is surprising how often the answer is "NO".

It has been a relaxing weekend, after a busy month. Nicole was put on-call Thursday and wound up not having to work so the four of us watched football and movies, ate a delicious New York loin roast and enjoyed a fire in the fireplace. Friday I puttered around the house and today made a run to the mall to replace my 4 year old purse. When the leather has totally cracked off the handles, it starts looking pretty tacky.

Didn't hit the Black Friday sales this year as our family has agreed to keep Christmas very small. No one has a lot of extra cash and there isn't much we really need. The best gift of all is that we'll be together for at least a few days over Christmas. Getting to hug my grandson is way better than anything that comes from a store :-)

Time for bed so I can get up and start cooking in the morning. Hope you have a peaceful, relaxing Sunday.


Donna Lee said...

After having so many relatives die over the past year, I have started looking at our stuff in a new light. I don't want to leave a mess for my girls to have to clean out after I'm gone and I really don't need so much stuff.

We moved 4 times in 5 years and were so good at it then. Now, it would take so long that I can't even contemplate it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. Having family around is the best gift.

Roxie said...

When I go, there will be a china sale to astonish the country. Until then, I'm hanging on to every demitasse and sugarbowl, every mis-matched cup and saucer. I USE them!! And there's no way I'm going to give away perfectly good yarn.

But my Christmas shopping list is short and my wish list is shorter. Enjoying friends and family is the best celebration of all.

KnitTech said...

Glad to hear the move is done. Not having to worry about dinner is one heck of a relief when moving.