Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The cookies are calling me

Six months ago I was so proud of my weight loss and now the pounds are creeping back on. It all started with Nicole's graduation party last May when I let myself gorge and I've struggled ever since. Now the Christmas cookies are calling me and the jeans I wore last winter don't fit anymore. It would be so much easier if they weren't so tasty!

Nicole had a day off yesterday so we spent the afternoon watching Christmas videos and baking. She is working a lot this month so not too many days to do holiday activities. We will try to get out and look at lights one night - GPS makes it so much easier. The stockings are hanging over the fireplace and a few decorations are sprinkled about. For the first time in my 55 years, I won't have a Santa stocking this year. Between packing in a carry-on and the cost of filling the darn things, we decided to forego stockings this year.

It is an odd year with my dad not doing as well and Guitar Guy's dad just out of the hospital after a serious infection. Even old Icey cat has been feeling her 21 years and hobbling around less. It reminds us anew how important those visits (for the humans) and ear scratches (for the cat) really are.

And now back to our scheduled Phoenix Suns game - Go Suns!


KnitTech said...

I've found if I make things I hate, others will eat them for me.

Roxie said...

What's the point of baking if I don't get to lick the beaters and bowl? I play steel drum tunes and dance off a few calories as I bake.