Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas came without ribbons or presents...

Our time in Des Moines is drawing to a close and a wonderful time it has been. Guitar Guy and I arrived first and had several days of playing with our grandson before Nicole and Pat arrived Sunday night. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I watched in amazement as a perfect, magical Christmas snow drifted down, accumulating to about 4 inches. It was one of those dry, sparkling snowfalls that coats the trees and shrubs with a lacy beauty.

It was an unusual year with no presents until Monday night (except for Rowan who got his Duplo blocks early) but somehow I didn't miss them. Beef stew was simmering in the crockpot and beer bread baking in the oven, filling the house with comforting, savory smells.

Rowan has fallen in love with the little man who came in his Duplo blocks, dubbing him Nosez. We had no idea why as his nose doesn't seem particularly notable but Nosez he is. Many towers have been built and destroyed. Everyone has stepped on a block in bare feet at least once. I think we've had as much fun as Rowan has.

Knitting is proceeding well with Rowan's new sweater 1/2 finished. This is a Cabin Fever top down cardigan pattern using Dream in Color Classy in Romeo Blue. It is going to be warm and beautiful with Rowan's bright blue eyes. Hopefully he will like it.

Thursday I'm off to my dad's house for a week. Should be plenty of knitting time and maybe even some pictures. I know my New Year's will be quiet. How about you - anything exciting planned?


KnitTech said...

Yes, blocks are a Christmas staple for young children.

Donna Lee said...

Oh goodness, no excitement here but a lot of pot banging and horn blowing at midnite!

I love it when dinner is cooking and it's quiet and the house smells good. That's contentment and home to me. Enjoy your week with your dad.