Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick update

Thanks for all of the supportive comments! I'm still in Iowa and expect to be for another 10 days. This is the longest I've been here in winter for over 30 years! After bringing Dad back to his apartment from the health center we both quickly decided that being alone in the apartment is no longer an option. We are now, sadly, working on plan to move him back to the health center and empty out the apartment.

Rowan's new sweater almost done. I'll try to remember to post a photo before I send it off to him.


Donna Lee said...

That's a sad chore, emptying out someone's home. But I guess at least you'll know he's not alone and someone is there when he needs help.

Hugs, my friend.

KnitTech said...

Ouch, that's hard to do. Sending you warm thoughts to help you through the cold and packing.

Roxie said...

You know we are there with you in spirit. I'm likely to start singing something like "Camping life" to pass the time. "The biscuits at this camp here, they say are mighty fine. one rolled off a table, and killed a pal of mine ohh I don't want no more of camping life! Gee ma, I wanna go home!" Lessee - packing life. Oh the boxes that they gave us they said were quite enough.They didn't have a clue, though. Who brought in all this stuff? Oh, I don't want no more of packing life. Oh gee ma, I wanna go home.