Thursday, February 3, 2011

A passing sweater

I finished Rowan's new sweater although the photo doesn't do it justice. The yarn is Simply Soft and actually a lovely blue. Didn't have the $$ to do it in wool so went for the sale acrylic. Thankfully I actually like the yarn and it washes well for an active toddler.

Dad is moved and I am wading through drawers and closets trying not to get side-tracked down memory lane. I am already worried about leaving, as he is moving and thinking slower every day.

I've been waiting since he fell and went to the ER on December 14 for the emotional melt down I knew was coming. It finally hit last night and I cried for about an hour. Still felt some emotional hangover today but am at least functional again. I'm suspecting his meltdown will come when I have to leave and he has only strangers to turn to for help. I hate to be such a downer lately but life generally sucks right now for a variety of reasons.

This probably means I need to do more exercise, more knitting and better self care if I'm going to keep moving ahead.

On the up side, I get a dose of grandson sunshine this weekend before heading home. That is worth smiling about!


Roxie said...

Ah Sweetie, it's so hard! Make sure your dad has some photo albums with him to serve as an anchor. And thank God for grandsonshine! May you get your hugs stash filled to capacity!

There will possibly be a few more sniffle fests. Don't worry. The less you fight them, the sooner they will pass. wish I could give you a hug.

KnitTech said...

The sweater is lovely.

You're stronger than you think.