Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time to take the Christmas tree down!

I've been home for a week and think it is finally time to take the Christmas tree down. Honestly, I probably would have continued ignoring it but seemed kind of weird eating Valentine's dinner with it sitting there.

I've been trying to catch up on all the issues that occurred at home, work and volunteering in my 3 week absence. Back to Iowa on 2/25 so have a lot to get done in the mean time. That is why I'm sitting here drinking coffee and talking to you. Time management through procrastination!

Given our cash flow with all of the travel expenses, I'm thinking about doing a Ravelry destash. I think I got a little carried away on sock yarn in the last year or two and could probably lose a little fiber without too much pain. Anyone ever done one? Any suggestions or advice?

Dad is continuing to decline and still not happy. My father-in-law also just went on hospice so could be an interesting year. Trying to stay focused on what we can do to support each other through this. Thanks for helping be my lifeline when I need something to hang on to :-)

My slavedriver boss says "Back to work" so off I go.


Roxie said...

Looks like this might be a good time to tie a knot in the end of your rope to make it easier to HANG ON! You pooe dear! What a trial you're going through. If good wishes and positive thoughts are any help, I'm sending you a bunch of them!

Christmas tree up till Valentine's day? Is this some kind of record? Heaven know you have every excuse.

KnitTech said...

Deep breathe. You can do this.