Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just to keep things interesting...

Some of you know my daughter Nicole. She is in need of your prayers if you are the praying sort or at least your most positive thoughts. Last Sunday just I was leaving Iowa, I had a call that Nicole had a massive bleed in her brain. It was caused by an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) which is basically a tangle of blood vessels she was born with.

She is holding her own and we are hopeful she will make a full recovery. They attempted surgery yesterday to try to remove the damn thing, but it is deep in her brain and the surgeons were afraid they would do too much damage to her so stopped. There is an alternative treatment using radiation so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Today she is in a medically induced coma to help her heal but they are going to start waking her tomorrow. She was signing to her fiance before surgery (she has a ventilator and can't talk) and recognized all of us.

The family is all here and we are taking turns sitting with her so she knows how much she is loved.

I'll keep you posted as we know more.


Julie said...

Much love to all of you. Positive thoughts, hopes, and prayers. Hug hug hug.

Roxie said...

Oh dear, Galad, You poor girl! I am throwing Nicole into God's arms. He loves her and will do the best for her. He is the master of miracles.

Praying for you, too. May you be especially aware of God's love surrounding you right now.

Donna Lee said...

Oh Nancy. I'm sending you some good thoughts and all my prayers are with Nicole.

Amy Lane said...

You already know I'm praying for you-- but let us know how things are going. We've all been very worried.