Friday, June 3, 2011

The Cat is Making Me Crazy

Pippin is sitting on the arm of the couch next to me. He also is meowing with a genuine chin quiver and being generally pathetic. I would think it was because I've been gone 4 days and he really missed me except I'm no fool. He's HUNGRY and I don't seem to be getting the message. Since we discovered Merry's food allergies the boys can no longer have dry food. This is an earth shattering trauma from Pippin's perspective.

Lest you think I'm starving my cats, they are receiving generous portions of canned food several times per day. This, however, is not the same as having a bowl of dry food ever ready for nibbling. I now have hair on my laptop, in my mouth and nose and all over my arm from the the endless head butting. When is my next trip?

The happy news is that Nicole finished therapy this week, she got a cute new hair cut and my grandson is coming to visit next week for 5 days! We will bask in the joy until the 20th when we have to head back to Phoenix for Gamma Knife treatment. I also finished a pair of Spring Forward socks this week and started a pair of Yarn Harlot plain socks in Schaefer Nichole for my Nicole. Maybe I'll be able to get some photos this weekend.

Did I mention my grandson is coming? That means a major household cleaning and decluttering. He is a very busy 2 and gets in to everything. Time to try out the new floor steamer. Given that Roxie has to move all her furniture and stuff for floor refinishing, I guess I have no room to whine :-)


Roxie said...

Hooray for healing and visiting grand-babes! Two is SUCH an exciting time!

And as for Pipin, I'm sure he knows that you're not being mean. You have just gotten too stupid to understand him the first time he says something to you. But he believes that if you just say something often enough and loudly enough, you will break thw language barrier and make your wants known. After all, if you KNEW that his food dish was empty, of course you would leap to your feet and fill it. Right?

I am so happy for your daughter. Blessings on her and all her medical personnel!

KnitTech said...

Grandkid visit! How awesome is that?

Poor abused kitty. I'd better call 211 for him.

Donna Lee said...

My cat is ignoring me today after leaving him alone for just one night. They're such finicky beasts. I love that he eats dry food.

I'm glad Nicole is doing well. Physical therapy is such a bear. Good luck with the gamma knife. We had one installed in our hospital last year. They had to take out the wall of one of the buildings to get it in. It's a huge machine but so wonderful.