Sunday, December 25, 2011

There is nothing more fun than watching a small child on Christmas morning.  It took Rowan all of one present to figure out how the whole ripping paper off thing works. 

We are all thoroughly sick of the singing Elmo but Rowan loves it.  As you can see from the picture, his mother's parents got him a beautiful toy box.  Now we just have to convince him that he's really not allowed to play inside it.

We are having a lazy day and eating left overs for simplicity.  Rowan's mommy is quite sick with a virus so we are saving the Christmas dinner until she feels better. 

Hope you and yours are having a wonderful day!


KnitTech said...

Why is playing in the toy box wrong? He's in a race car... or in a submarine.

Galad said...

His mom and dad are afraid he might hit his head or get stuck inside it, so no playing in the toy chest.

That is probably also a good thing since to get in he throws everything back out on the floor!

Donna Lee said...

We had one of those boxes and the girls loved to play inside of it, too. I guess there's just something about small spaces and small children.

Have a wonderful holiday.