Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's a new year!

I admit it, I hated 2011.  WITH A PASSION.  Guitar Guy keeps reminding me that there were some very good times but over all as years go - that one needed to be gone.

Realistically I know that turning a calendar page doesn't make bad things less likely to happen but at least it gives me hope for a fresh start.  My goal for the year is health and healing.  A little money would be nice as well.

I'm not one to make big new year's resolutions I know I will not keep but the cooler weather does give me more energy to get things done.  I'm trying to balance Netflix and knitting with cleaning out closets and sorting through old paperwork for shredding or filing. 

Work is starting to pick up a little and I have a big nonprofit dinner with the President of Arizona State coming up on the 18th so life is humming along.  I thought I got out of planning the annual dinner when I handed it off last year but no such luck.  Thankfully I have a very capable co-chair to work with, as planning these kinds of events is not my favorite thing. 

I have promised the cats that I won't do any traveling for a while (at least March) so they are speaking to me again.  That may not be a good thing at 3 AM when 16 pounds of fluffy is sitting on my chest meowing in my face.  He's also taken to "helping" me with my knitting.  Ah it is good to be home.

Hope your year is off to a good start.  Anything good going on in your world?


Roxie said...

2011 was a dreadfully rough year for you. And you survived! Cheers and blessings on the year ahead. May you get hugs and cuddles from all who love you, whether two legged, or four, and may you enjoy peace, satisfaction, and health in every month of the year.

KnitTech said...

Yes! I'm sending you warm thoughts for 2012 year.

Donna Lee said...

I felt that way at the end of 2010 and last year was a quietly better one.

I hope this year is prosperous, happy and very healthy for all of you.