Sunday, January 15, 2012

Knitting progress

Sleeve for Steggie Sweater - Vanna's Choice

Fingerless mitts toddler size - Sunshine Yarns Forest
I thought it was time for a knitting update since I actually have been getting a lot done.  Much of this was over Christmas vacation when I had time to knit for hours but I'm making slow steady progress on my projects.

I'm not crazy about the Intarsia on the Steggie sweater.  I was cruising along until I hit the sleeves but it will get there.  I've only made top down sweaters before so am not looking forward to all the seaming on this one.  I also have to put in a zipper.  Not crazy about the Vanna's choice but I was too cheap to buy wool for a toddler sweater.

Over Christmas I made the first fingerless mitt for DIL and left it in Iowa.  Rowan immediately thought it should be his and wore it to bed LOL. I took that as a hint he needed his own to match his mommy's. 

I promised my business partners I would make them socks for Christmas and didn't get it done so the first two pairs are for them.  I've always heard the people like Socks that Rock but it was a terrible skein full of knots.  I really like the Hermione pattern - easy, quick and nice and stretchy.

Fingerless mitt mommy size
 The embossed leaves socks started out being for me but once I got this first one done, I decided the top wasn't stretchy enough for me and that I really don't like that cast on.  Fortunately they will fit my DIL perfectly so I'm finishing the second one now.

Today I need to wash and block everything and next week disperse all the various presents. Once I get the sweater done I can start drooling over new projects :-)

 Socks that Rock, Harlot plain sock

 Indie Dyer  - Pattern Hermione

 Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga, Pattern - Embossed Leaves


Roxie said...

You are just kicking buns with those socks! And the toddler mitties are wunnerful! What a generous knitter you are!

KnitTech said...

You've been busy knitting! No wonder why you don't have time to post. =^.^=