Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Lake Havasu Balloon Festival January 19-22, 2012
Today is the last day of Balloon Festival for another year.  60 Balloons were in town to grace us with their beauty.  Although it was too windy yesterday for them to go up, the other days have been a joy.

This picture is from a friend who walks down by the London Bridge most days and happened to catch this view!

That's the big news for this week.  In updates from last week, I survived the dinner on Wednesday and most people felt it went very well.  It is pretty exciting stuff having a college campus open in our community.  I got involved with the efforts because I wanted to see more educational opportunities in our area.  Now I also recognize the important economic impact this could have on our town. 

Not much new on the knitting front.  I've been pretty lazy in the evenings and am ok with that.

Have a great rest of your weekend. I know I plan to.


KnitTech said...

It's nice to see someone having lovely weather. =^.^=

Roxie said...

What a joyful photo! Thanks so much for sharing.

Yes, a college campus brings in lots of business to a community. Employees need places to go for lunch. Students need copy places, coffee places, convenience stores. visiting parents and friends need places to stay, ... The opportunities are vast.

Donna Lee said...

I love seeing the balloons, although the idea of going up in one makes my hairs stand on end!

I'm with Roxie, having a college campus in town is a terrific thing. Not only bringing in tourists but all those bright young minds around. Can't help but mean that some of them will like it enough to stay around and there you have growth of the best and brightest type.