Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Friday night doing nothing

We really are so boring.  Guitar Guy is watching Diamondbacks baseball and playing on his IPad while I wander around the web and think about loading the dishwasher.  Pretty typical start to the weekend for us.

Tomorrow night we are taking Nicole and Patrick out for dinner to celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe it has been a year already!  That will be our last chance to see them before they move back to the land of ethnic restaurants and shopping (Phoenix).  It was fun having them in town and we'll really miss having pet sitters at the ready but look forward to visiting them in their new place.

Today I finished my second week of temporary work and am not loving 6 AM wake up calls.  I didn't realize how flexible my schedule has been( or how much time I was wasting) until I added 20-25 hours of work time to it.  I am enjoying doing social work for home health and using some of the medical social work skills I've acquired over the years.  It was really nice to open my bank account and see a paycheck in it :-)  Our geriatric care business is still really small and VERY part time money.

I'd be good with picking up a day or two a week when they are busy once this temporary stint is done.  We'll see what happens.

Have a great weekend!  Go do something fun and tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you.


Roxie said...

Your life is not boring. It is blissful. There are any number of people in the world who would trade with you in a heartbeat. Let's give thanks for our boring, peaceful, quiet lives!! And let's enjoy them to the max because this is just the trough of the wave.

Galad said...

Thanks for the change of perspective Roxie. It was a good reminder that last year at this time I would have gladly given up the stress and anguish for some quiet, peaceful time.

Donna Lee said...

My weekends sound an awful lot like yours! Once in a while, we have "date night" and that usually involves a movie or a trip to the bookstore. Boring, that's us.

But, boring is underrated. I'll take my boring, uneventful life that gives me time to relax and spin/knit/live over being stressed and rushing around any day of the week. And I'll take this boring over the "interesting" we had when Em (and then Nicole!) went through interesting times.