Sunday, May 27, 2012

I think I lost a month

May seems to have whizzed by in record time!  The fact that I've been working an additional job this month might have something to do with it.  It has been a good experience and the extra money doesn't hurt.  I've always wondered if I could move back to being staff after having been an organizational leader.  In this situation the answer was "yes"!  I felt positively gleeful being able to finish my work and walk out the door with no worries about the staffing issues or late Friday afternoon admissions to be processed.

My daughter appears to be well settled in her new rental home and will be starting her job soon.  I'm sure they are relieved to be through that move and unpacked for another year.  My son and his wife will be moving in June to the home they just bought.  I remember those years of starting a family and purchasing a first home.  It was a mix of exhilaration and exhaustion!  I'll get to check it all out when I go to visit them the last week of June and play with Rowan for a week.  I can hardly wait.

I've been doing quite a bit of knitting, trying to finish up some projects.  Hopefully I'll have pictures soon.  I have about 10 projects bagged up with the yarn and patterns for after I finish these. I also bought some yarn on sale from Knitpicks and WEBS for grandchild sweaters and scarves.  I do need to finish the Christmas stocking I set aside in December.  I have to get it down before the next Christmas.  I downloaded quite a few MP3 books to listen to while I knit.  They work great while Guitar Guy is watching baseball.

We aren't doing anything this weekend other than maybe going to see Avengers.  Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.


Donna Lee said...

I hope you saw the Avengers. We saw it twice in the same night. Yes. We liked it that much.

May? What happened to January? This year is creeping toward the halfway point and I'm playing catch-up.

It's this getting older thing. It makes the time fly by.

KnitTech said...

Did you like the movie?

Yea, I lost May also. It can't be June, it's to early for my birthday.