Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loose ends

The last two weeks have been about finishing up loose ends.  These last couple of weeks before labor day are a period of calm before fall activities kick in to high gear.  I'm taking the time to finish all those knitting projects.  Carefully woven ends, buttons attached and a nice soak are preparing all those lovely hand knits for their new homes.

I am slowly cleaning my way through the house, tossing as I go.  Lest that sound like progress, it is barely making a dent in our "collections".  At least I'm moving forward.  After 27 years in this house, it got a shiny new front door and a matching garage door.  Exterior painting should be completed today with a new mailbox to follow.  Once I get the landscaping cleaned up and some missing plants replaced, it should look much better.  Carpets are being cleaned tomorrow, which usually means some cat needs to barf up a hairball (kind of the same principle as car washing and rain).

I've also made some progress on business tasks like renewing liability insurance, updating records, and getting the accounts caught up.  I finished collecting my school board signatures and was duly reappointed. There were only 3 candidates for 3 positions, so they just appoint us and skip paying for an election. ASU is opening its first remote site in our community with classes starting tomorrow.  As someone who has been involved in bringing them here, I got to be a part of the welcome to students Sunday night.  Pretty exciting stuff for our rural town. 

This is also a time of waiting.  Our second grandson is due sometime between now and September 9th.  His mommy is more than ready for him to make his appearance.  She's already had a false alarm with contractions that slowed back down. Guitar Guy and I are ready to fly out and help in whatever way we can.  I'm hoping Baby As Yet Unnamed will hold off until after the weekend, when Nicole and Patrick are coming to celebrate my birthday.  I think his parents have decided to wait and meet him before deciding which name fits.

Time for another cup of coffee.  Nice chatting with you :-)


Roxie said...

End of the summer instinct just like spring cleaning. Get things ready for the coming season. May the baby stay settled for five more days.

Saren Johnson said...

You've been busy. A finishing time sounds like a good plan.