Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer knitting

Several friends had grandchildren this summer, so I did some pink knitting in preparation for the next one. This was really cheap acrylic yarn I bought when I first started knitting but it came out pretty cute (and machine washable)
Please ignore the ends I haven't woven in yet :-)  Sunshine yarns Ginny Weasley

 Sweater for the grandson due in September (no name yet)  Gift yarn from Nicole
 Rowan sweater for the fall in Plymouth Encore

 Father/son fingerless mitts for this winter.  Malabrigo Rios gift yarn from my daughter-in-law.  Love how the yarn feels, but not so crazy about all the thin places.
Mitten I started for Rowan from Mini Mochi, then realized they will be way too big for him.  Will probably still finish them after I do my Christmas knitting.

Many hours of Dr. Who went in to the knitting of these items.  I'm sure it makes them better :-)


Roxie said...

Wonderful work. Baby blankets must be washable, so the pink one is a total win! the father/son mitts are Awwwwwsome, and the rainbow mittens need to be finished because someone, somewhere will need just those very mittens. They're adorable.

Saren Johnson said...

You've been very busy this summer. My knitting has come to a standstill, unless I'm in an air conditioned house with fans running over my hands.

Galad said...

I did decide that summer is not the time to knit a blanket, even a baby one.

Donna Lee said...

You have been busy! I never think of blankets for babies. I'm not sure why since everyone loves them. I think I knit so slow that it would take me until the kid was going away to college to finish.